Our mission is to become a One-Stop Broker for U S products. Providing the world market with U. S. Manufactured durable equipments.

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Thousand of manufacturers throughout the United State, and around the world, produce highly profitable quality merchandise but only sell them in their home countries. This may be because the products sell so well at home the manufacturers do not think about global markets. They may also be afraid of foreign trade, or confused about how it works. More likely, the thought of selling their products worldwide has not even occurred to them. 

        By matching buyers and sellers, and working out trade details, Pratt Global has earned respect of manufacturers and potential foreign buyers.

International Marketing Plan:
  • Import and export compliance
  • Inventory management as required
  • Shipment tracking
  • Supply chain event management
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Foreign Buyer Financing
  • Global trade finance management open account, letter of credit
  • Marine / Cargo Insurance Apply Now!

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